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BluePacific Health

System-wide Master Plan



The BluePacific Health System provides healthcare services to communities in Idaho, Washington and Oregon.  The system is headquartered in Spokane, Washington and oversees more than 5.3 million square feet of owned and leased space plus approximately 115 acres of unbuilt land.  The 87 facilities accommodate the provision of acute and ambulatory care across three regional networks: Washington, Idaho and Oregon.  In the fall of 2015, BluePacific Health partnered with NBBJ to complete a systemwide facility master plan to identify the near-term and long-term strategies and requisite facilities needed for each network over the next twenty years. This website summarizes the 9-month effort and the recommendations presented to BluePacific Health executive leadership.  It also serves as documentation of the master plan process and as a resource to BluePacific Health employees and facilities management. It is best viewed with Chrome or Safari on a desktop monitor.


BluePacific Health Executive Team:


Miranda Bailey





Owen Hunt

Derek Shepherd

Richard Webber

Theodora "Teddy" Altman

Jackson Avery

Preston Burke

Meredith Grey

Erica Hahn

Addison Montgomery

Margaret Pierce

Arizona Robbins

Amelia Shepherd

Mark Sloan

Calliope Torres

Alex Karev

April Kepner


System VP Operations/ System Services​

(602) 867-5309



CHRO SVP Culture & People

President Hospital Services WA


VP Organizational Integrity

System VP Marketing Communications

President/Chief Executive Officer

VP Philanthropic Development

President BPMG

SVP Ambulatory Services


President Hospital Services ID 

System VP Mission Services

President Hospital Services OR

System VP Legal


BluePacific Steering Committee:

Nathan Riggs


Cristina Yang

Stephanie Edwards

Alexandra Grey

Leah Murphy

George O'Malley

Shane Ross

Isobel Stevens

Josephine Wilson

Virginia Dixon

Rebecca Swender

System VP Facilities & Construction ​

(261) 912-5525

Construction Project Manager, Washington Network

Network Director of Facilities, Oregon Network

Systems VP Finance Interim

Construction Project Manager, Idaho Network

VP Strategy Innovation & Development, Oregon Network

President BPMG

VP Strategy Innovation & Development, Washington & Idaho Networks

Network Director of Facilities, Washington Network

Network Director of Facilities, Idaho Network

Construction Project Manager, Oregon Network

NBBJ Team:

Teri Oelrich

Kim Selby

Rich Dallam

Melissa Alexander

Donald Bellefeuille

Grant Gustafson

Sanjiv Kashyap

Charles Martin

Andrea Rufe

Carol Stern

Amy Taylor

Keith Walzak

Partner/ Clinician, Analyst

(206) 223-5113​

Senior Associate/ Project Manager, Planner

(206) 515-4657​

Partner/ Healthcare Futurist

Architect/ Urban Designer

Healthcare Business Strategist

Senior Associate/ Technical Architect

Healthcare Consultant

Principal/ Medical Planner

Healthcare Planner, Applied Analytics

Administrative Assistant


Senior Associate/ Planner

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