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Existing Facilities


Patient and Exam room calculation is a predictable model with a variety of dynamic inputs. The main objective is to determine the daily "throughput" of the room...or in other words, how many exams can the room accommodate per day (including clean-up time). Once you have the daily throughput, it's easy to calculate how many visits can be accommodated per year for each room, and subsequently how many rooms will be needed to meet the projected patient volume. (Of course, the formula can get more complicated...for example, if operating hours vary by day, or if the exam length varies by provider or due to a clinical teaching component.)



(forecasted patient volume * exam length (minutes) / clinic operation time (minutes per year))
target efficiency factor %
projected growth %
# of exam rooms needed

To streamline our analytics efforts, and to make the connection between abstract concepts like efficiency and throughput more transparent, we have created a dynamic patient room calculator. You can adjust the sliders to see the trade-offs between efficiency, operating hours, and other factors. Try it out!

Existing Facility Assessment Sheets

including: Support Services Center in Spokane and system offices in Tukwila.

11 System - Fac Scor Sht - Page 001
11A  System - Fac Scor Sht - marketing version Page 002
11A  System - Fac Scor Sht - marketing version Page 003
11A  System - Fac Scor Sht - marketing version Page 004
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