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This page lists existing facilities in the Oregon Network organized by county. Facilities accompanied by photos contain links to more detailed information, including a bed need analysis and specific initiatives for those facilities. 

Portland General Hospital

Portland, OR


North Building

Medical Education

Services Building

BPH Guest House

East Clinic

Property: East River Clinic Vacant Land

East River Clinic

Portland, OR

Over River Clinic

Portland, OR

South Portland Clinic

Portland, OR

Beaverton West Hospital 

 Beaverton, OR


Cardiology Institute

MOB Pavilion

Birth Center

Donor's Annex

Property: North Annex

Urgent Care Clinic

Eugene, OR

Eastern Clinic

Eugene, OR

Grove Quick Clinic

Springfield, OR

Springfield North Hospital

Springfield, OR


Primary Care

Women’s Health

General Surgery

Cardiology Coastal Clinic

Orthopedic Surgery/Clinic

Cardio Wellness Rehab

Image: NBBJ

Hospice Offices

Springfield, OR

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