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Maps at the bottom of the page show the extent of the Oregon Network, including exising BluePacific Health facilities. Click on the links below to view demographic and suitability maps specific to the this network.

Oregon Network Demographic Maps

These demographic maps are used in the suitability analysis (below).

BluePacific projections14
BluePacific projections13
BluePacific projections11
BluePacific projections12
BluePacific projections10
BluePacific projections9
BluePacific projections7
BluePacific projections8
BluePacific projections5
BluePacific projections6
BluePacific projections2
BluePacific projections3
BluePacific projections4
BluePacific projections
Oregon Network Suitability Maps

The suitability analysis evaluates each network to find the most suitable location(s) for future services. Each demographic layer (above) is weighted according to strategic criteria developed in collaboration with BluePacific Health leadership. (For more information on mapping methodology, click here.)

Oregon Network Suitability: Combined Payer Mix
Eugene Combined Payer3
Eugene Combined Payer5
Eugene Combined Payer4
Eugene Combined Payer2
Eugene Combined Payer
Eugene Combined Payer6
Eugene Combined Payer10
Eugene Combined Payer9
Eugene Combined Payer8
Eugene Combined Payer7
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